The Tutor Program Playbook: Using Best Practices To Grow A Successful Learning Center
The Tutor Program Playbook: Using Best Practices To Grow A Successful Learning Center
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Are you ready to build a tutor program or committed to growing one already in existence? How would you like to benefit from someone with 30 years of experience in exactly that? Imagine avoiding mistakes, saving time, and beginning with a successful, proven model. This webinar will review the tenets that have made the learning center at Stephen F. Austin State University a leader in retention and the winner of several outstanding awards:

  • College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Certification at all three levels
  • Distinguished Certification from National Association of Developmental Education (NADE)
  • Star Award from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
  • Best Program, Texas Association of Developmental Education
  • John Champaign Memorial Award for Outstanding Developmental Education Program

Participants of this webinar will learn how to implement the major touchstones of a successful tutor program. We will discuss budget, management and hiring practices, training, customer service, how to identify your target market, and assessing plans once in place. We will also learn how important it is to inform your practice through current research and trends.
Participants will cover the major touchstones of a successful tutor program:
  • Centralize: Creating a healthy management team linked by a common mission
  • Budget: Getting the money and keeping the money
  • Hire: Recruiting and complying with HR
  • Train: Aligning with CRLA certification
  • Schedule: Using Tutor Trac or a similar program
  • Customer Service: Sustaining a Welcome Desk
  • Market: Identifying your target audience
  • Assess: Reviewing for “stinky cheese” and “show and tell” and creating action plans
  • Research: Informing your practice (Something you are doing simply by attending this workshop!)
Who should attend?
  • 2-year & 4-year institutions
  • Dean of Student Services/Affairs
  • Tutoring and Learning Centers
  • Tutoring Coordinators
  • Tutor Trainers
  • Developmental Education
  • Accreditation Officers
  • Directors of Assessment
  • Retention Specialist

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