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March 2015 April 2015

1 Understanding LGBT Gender Violence: Compliance, Procedures & Prevention Efforts

1 How To Develop & Improve A Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

2 5 Ways To Increase Student Engagement In Online Classes

8 Campus SaVE Act Compliance: How To Strategically Plan Your Educational Campaigns

9 Online Student Conduct: Procedures, Compliance & Assessment

9 Intrusive Tutoring: Utilizing Advising, Coaching & Counseling Strategies To Enhance Tutoring Sessions

10 Strategies To Make Online Group Work More Manageable, Efficient & Effective

14 How & When To Use “Trigger Warnings”: To Shield Or Not To Shield

14 Collaborative Partnerships: Strengthening The University & Community Relationship

15 How To Assess & Improve Your Academic Advising Program

15 Partners For Success: Developing An Effective Peer Mentoring Program To Support First-Generation College Students

17 First-Year Students & Libraries: Assessing The Impact Of Information Literacy

20 Support Student Success 24/7: StudentLingo Demo & Implementation Strategies - Complimentary Webinar

21 How To Write Case Notes: Practical Guidance & Risk Mitigation For Case Managers, Counselors & BITs

22 Generation Me: Defining & Addressing The Effects Of Entitlement On Today’s College Campuses

22 Supporting Survivors: Sexual Violence Victimology & Advocacy

23 Removing Suicidal Students From Campus: The Significance Of Recent Changes In Federal Policy

24 Shorten The Pipeline: How To Teach An Integrated, Accelerated Developmental Reading & Writing Course

28 A Practical Guide To Threat Assessment: How To Reduce Violence On Campus

28 Are You Compliant? How To Train Your Title IX Appeals Officers

May 2015

1 FERPA & Email: How To Effectively Communicate With Students & Avoid Liability

1 Using Humor To Enhance Learning, Teaching & Leadership - Complimentary Webinar

5 Developing & Providing Integrated Student Services In Higher Education: Creating The "One Stop Shop” For Students

6 Retaining International Students: Designing Effective Instruction To Meet Their Needs

6 Tutor Training: Best Practices & Strategies To Cultivate A Community Of Learners

7 Are Your Students Prepared? How To Improve Support Services To Enhance Workforce Preparation

7 Creating An FYE Student Success Course For Men Of Color: Methods, Implementation & Results

8 How To Create An Integrated Website & Service Delivery Strategy

12 10 Strategies For Outreach & Recruitment: How To Increase Your Return On Investment

13 Retaining International Students: How To Design Targeted Support Services

14 The New "At-Risk" Student Seminar: Increasing Retention, Success & Institutional Support

15 Strategic Enrollment Management: Developing & Implementing An Integrated, Results-Driven Plan - Part 1

19 Persistence Vs. Retention: Legislation & The Changing Paradigm Of Student Success

19 Title IX Investigations: Case Studies In Sexual Misconduct & Harassment

20 How To Advise Students Online: Protocols & Pitfalls Of Email Advising

21 Empowering At-Risk Probationary Students Using Appreciative Advising Inside & Outside The Classroom

26 Helping Foster Youth & Other At-Risk Students Overcome Barriers To Success

29 Strategic Enrollment Management: Developing & Implementing An Integrated, Results-Driven Plan - Part 2

June 2015 July 2015