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February 2015

3 Increase Student Retention & Graduation Rates By Instilling A Culture Of Service Excellence

3 Back by Popular Demand!- How To Retain First-Year Students: Helping Them Navigate Emotional, Motivational & Social Challenges

4 Managing Overly Involved Parents: Effective Strategies For Deescalating Aggressive Behavior

4 Increasing Student Persistence & Success: 5 High-Impact Practices For Immediate Implementation

5 Managing Disruptive Classroom Behavior: Strategies For Creating A Safe & Dynamic Learning Environment

5 Higher Education Leadership: How To Develop, Supervise & Evaluate Staff

10 Supporting & Retaining Single Parent Students In Higher Education

10 How To Develop & Implement A Summer Bridge Program For First-Generation College Students

11 Strategies To Motivate Your Students To Read & Prepare Before Class

11 The New Faculty Majority: Supporting & Honoring Your Part-time Faculty

12 Teaching Time Management: How To Increase On-Time Graduation Rates, Student Involvement & Academic Achievement

12 FERPA Compliance & Parent Relations

13 How To Create An Integrated Website & Service Delivery Strategy

17 How To Make Online Discussion Assignments Manageable & Meaningful For Students & Faculty

17 How To Assess & Evaluate Tutoring Programs: A 2-Part Series - Part 1

18 Supporting Underprepared Students: How To Overcome The Remediation Challenge

19 Intrusive Academic Advising: An Effective Strategy To Increase Student Success

19 Retaining Online Students: A Student Affairs & Faculty Perspective

20 Helping Students Cope With Loss Using Social Media: Risks, Benefits & Ethical Issues - Complimentary Webinar

23 Support Student Success 24/7: StudentLingo Demo & Implementation Strategies - Complimentary Webinar

24 How To Achieve Exceptional Front-Line Customer Service In Higher Education

24 How To Assess & Evaluate Tutoring Programs: A 2-Part Series - Part 2

25 Active Learning: Innovative Strategies That Will Dramatically Improve Student Engagement

25 Teach Students How To Learn: Metacognition Is The Key

26 Addressing Invisible Wounds: Helping Students Manage Trauma & Achieve Success In College

26 FERPA & Email: How To Effectively Communicate With Students & Avoid Liability

March 2015

3 Strategies For Developing & Maintaining A Robust Student Ambassador Program

3 Online Teaching: Quick & Easy Formative Assessment Strategies That Foster Student Success

4 Frontline Customer Service In Higher Education: 10 Key Responses To Diffuse Frustration & Anger

4 Enhancing Student Engagement With A Virtual Teaching Assistant & Other Online Tools

5 Partnering With The Academic Library To Increase Enrollment & Student Success In STEM Education

5 Strategies for Supporting Students with Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

6 Reflective Practice: Action-Based Skills For Personal & Professional Development - Complimentary Webinar

6 Enrollment Management For Graduate Programs: Best Practices in Marketing, Recruitment & Retention

10 Designing An Inclusive & Comprehensive Professional Development Program

10 FERPA Regulations For The Online Environment: A Toolkit For Faculty & Staff

12 Supplemental Instruction: Improving Student Engagement, Performance & Course Completion

13 How To Create A Unique & Memorable Campus Visit Experience

17 Strategies For Supporting Trans Students: Is Your Campus A Welcoming Place?

17 Addressing Title IX Compliance In The Online Environment

19 How To Provide Meaningful Feedback In An Online Environment

20 Practical Strategies For Facilitating Interaction In The Cross-Cultural Classroom

24 Off-Campus Student Life: Community Partnerships, Model Programs & Best Practices

25 Student Organization Advising: Theory, Liability & Risk Management

31 How Microlectures Can Increase Online Student Engagement, Motivation & Success

April 2015