Using Best Practices To Improve Tutorial Programs & Services


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Using Best Practices To Improve Tutorial Programs & Services

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Colleges and universities have long incorporated tutoring in their retention efforts. However, it is often up to academic support professionals to develop best practices and make their programs visible on campus. This webinar will assist college tutoring coordinators and professionals in improving their programs and tutoring practices and will explore specific strategies tutoring professionals can use to best help students succeed academically.

Tutoring services, for example, have expanded to include varieties of group tutoring and online tutoring to adapt to the needs of today's students. Participants will be guided on how to develop these services to help students succeed. We will also discuss types of services that should be offered, organizing space and services, staffing and evaluation procedures, tutor training, and advertising services.


  • Gain ideas for best tutoring practices
  • Learn how to organize tutoring centers
  • Learn how to offer various types of tutoring services such as appointment, walk-in, weekly group sessions, online tutoring or related models such as Supplemental Instruction
  • Learn how to organize the space (current space, expanding space, starting new or satellite centers)
  • Develop tutor training: types of training
  • Understand how to raise the visibility of tutoring centers with marketing and campus connections

Who Should Attend?

  • Post-secondary tutoring program or learning center managers: Colleges, Universities, Community Colleges, and Technical Colleges
  • Post-secondary learning center professionals with an interest in tutoring programs and training
  • New professionals in the field of college learning assistance who aspire to become program managers
  • Professionals in related peer educator programs such as supplemental instruction and peer mentoring
  • Anyone interested in improving tutorial programs and services