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Helping Student Employees Handle Disruptive Behavior & Understand FERPA


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Helping Student Employees Handle Disruptive Behavior & Understand FERPA


Student workers have a unique and challenging front-line position that often involves direct communication with other students and peers who might be frustrated, demanding, unhappy, or disruptive. This can happen in the computer lab, residential life, academic tutoring sessions, or any of the front offices that hire student employees. To be successful in these difficult situations, employees must find a balance between providing quality customer service without losing their cool and offering real solutions to the problem at hand. It is also important that they understand and adhere to the regulations of FERPA and HIPAA and keep private information strictly confidential. How do institutions help guide and train these student employees that play such a critical role in the foundation of campus support? What tools will best help them stay calm, cool, and steady during the most difficult conversations?

This webinar will offer some practical advice—for both student workers and those who manage student workers—based on case studies that show how to handle unruly situations with grace and ease. Participants will learn about the elements of a crisis and how to keep calm during overwhelming situations. They will also review FERPA and HIPPA in the framework of real-world scenarios for student employees. The importance of referral, follow-up, and appeals to deal with frustrating customer service requests will also be discussed.


  • Manage disruptive, rude, entitled behavior without ‘losing their cool’
  • Keep confidential information private and in line with FERPA and HIPAA
  • Set limits and say ‘no’ without upsetting students
  • Create boundaries and limits on students who ‘push their buttons’
  • Offer referral and additional resources for students in crisis
  • Approach their work in a solution-focused manner
  • Find a balance between the needs of their supervisors and the needs of the student customers

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who hires, trains, and/or works with student workers
  • Front-line staff and student workers in the following offices/departments: