Developing & Implementing A Web-Based Early Alert System

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Developing & Implementing A Web-Based Early Alert System

Early intervention is critical to campus retention efforts. Early alert systems offer institutions systematic approaches to identifying and intervening with students exhibiting at-risk behaviors before the behaviors reach the acute stage. Many of these systems rely on a common format for student referral to a central receiving point. Systems at larger institutions use web-based technology to allow for a scalable approach to at-risk intervention. This presentation describes the development, implementation, and assessment of a web-based, fully integrated early alert referral system at a large, public university in the Southwest.

There are three sections to this webinar. First, we will review the development of the system from a conceptual perspective. This section includes how administrative, faculty, and student service input guided development. The second section details the technical aspects of system design, presented from the end-user perspective. We will emphasize the integration of the system into the campus student information system and conclude with a thorough description of the first termís experience implementing the system, including aggregated descriptive data for those using the system, the students referred, and the follow-up to the referrals. There will be ample opportunity for discussion of all aspects of the early alert project.
  • Engage in an audience-centered webinar that will explore the development of an early alert system
  • Review the role early intervention plays in an overall student retention program
  • Discuss the importance of faculty engagement at the design and testing stage of an early alert system
  • Examine the essentials of integrating the early alert system with the student information system
  • Consider training issues for faculty and student services staff
  • Identify issues central to assessing the student retention outcomes the system supports
  • Develop an awareness of the various applications of an early alert system
  • Trace the growth and usage patterns through three years of system use
  • Examine possible reservations about or challenges involved in the development and implementation of an early alert system
  • Respond critically to the sessionís content and consider a possible action plan and timeline for developing a system at their home campus
Who Should Attend?
  • 2-year & 4-year institutions
  • Academic Affairs/Instruction
  • Student Services/Affairs
  • Faculty (full and part-time)
  • Retention Specialist
  • First Year Experience Coordinators